Kansas City and surrounding areas. I love to travel. Please take me somewhere warm!

My Passion

I am a hopeless romantic and I cry at every single wedding!  Call me a baby, but there is just something about the excitement of a wedding day and the beginning of someone’s forever. It’s the biggest commitment you will ever make, and I want to capture every moment – the laughter, the kisses and tears of joy. I’m committed to  keeping the day running smoothly so you can enjoy being in love.  My clients truly mean so much to me and keep me humble.

My Life

I am happily married as of September 2011, so I know exactly what you are going through – trust me!  I live for sun on my face and salt in my hair.  I have two kids and a dog and we are on this adventure called life.  Traveling keeps me inspired and refreshed.  Working out at Fusion fitness keeps me energized and lululemon makes me very happy. What’s Next For You & Me?

If you’re into browsing, please feel free to view some of my work in my wedding and portrait portfolios. If you want more, email me to discuss wedding availability and packages. I am so happy you found me and I can’t wait to meet you!