Associate Photography – Nancy Sikes

I’m a commercial photographer by trade but wedding photography, is where my heart lies. Providing photographs you will cherish for a lifetime, THAT is what makes my heart sing.

This obsession isn’t about my love for the simple photograph. It’s about the history. Your family history. The most important pieces of our past, of what makes us who we are, can be shown through photographs. Because of photography I  have the privilege of seeing my grandmother in her wedding dress and the joy on her face as she and my grandfather dodge handfuls of rice. I’ve seen a faded print of my great-great-grandpa that shows just a glimpse into his incredible life. I love the box of photos from my own childhood that my siblings and I dig through every time we return home. To be a witness to those moments is such an amazing gift to me. That is something I hope to share with you. One little second in time, preserved.