The Elms Hotel Wedding {Jeff + Yasmine}

Venue: The Elms Hotel and Spa

Floral: Blue Boquet

 Hair and Makeup: Salon Kismet

Dress: The Gown Gallery

DJ: Complete Weddings

How they met: For those who do not know the story on how we met it can easily be stated in one simple phrase: Jeff dated the client.
Our first initial meeting was small but it left an impression on both of us – mainly because we found another Packers/sports fan to watch a game with during the project. The one thing I could never get out of my head was Jeff’s laugh. I remember mentioning it to my best friend (and maid of honor) when she asked about the new “fusion” Cerner counterparts working with our team. A little later, I also mentioned that when I looked at Jeff I saw someone who was married with a baby so even though his laugh stuck with me I did not believe he was available so I was going to ignore any feelings I could possibly develop.  A month later, the Cerner team came back to our corporate office in Phoenix for a week long “fusion team” meeting. During the week, I spent a day with the training team taking part in their meeting and in turn, spending more time with Jeff. During one of the afternoon breaks, we passed one another in the hall and Jeff made it a point to stop and tell me that he thought the dress I wore was cute and that I looked – and was – beautiful. In that moment I realized that he was single (with no babies!), interested, and so was I.  The next day started like any day, my best friend at my desk and us catching up on events from the day/night before. As I told her about the encounter she asked if I was planning on saying something to Jeff to let him know I was interested. After an indecisive speech of “no” and “never mixing business with pleasure”, I received log in information for the Cerner team for our domains – Jeff’s logins were included. I know I made a face as she picked up on it and told me to say something in my email to him with some playful shoving and poking. After my failed attempts at saying “no” she finally told me: “Either you say something to him or I’ll sit on you and I’ll be the one to say something.” For the sake of my sanity, I agreed and at the end of my email to Jeff I wrote: “Let me know when you want to catch a Packers game!” Within an hour, we had traded personal phone numbers and started talking almost nonstop.  A week later we had our first date. Jeff and I were both going to be at his project site and decided to have dinner after work at a brewery to watch the Monday night football game. Within a few minutes we were no longer nervous with first date jitters and talking as if we were the oldest of friends, and very little football was watched (if any). Neither of us realized it but three and a half hours had passed before one of us thought about checking the time – our only cue to finally look at a clock was the realization that we were one of two groups still at the brewery and it was rather quiet. It was late (a little after 9:00pm) and I still had an hour drive home. There was so much more that we could talk about but with it being as late as it was we had to call it a night. An awkward car hug goodbye later, I remember having a huge smile while singing loud and off key to my music during the drive home.   When I woke up the next morning, I was still smiling so I sent Jeff a text that said: “Good morning handsome! When are we doing date number two?”  The rest, as they say, is history.

Andy + Rachael Engagement Session {Shot by Associate: Nancy}


Shot by associate photographer: Nancy

Heritage Ranch Styled Shoot – Sedalia MO

Heritage Ranch Spring Styled Shoot

Heritage Ranch

Ivory and Lace Bridal

Wild Hill Flowers + Events

Bichsel Jewelry

Hannah’s Cakery

Mia Bella Salon

Bodyworks Day Spa

Weller’s Men’s and Formal Wear

The Crafty Pisces



Jack – 9 months

9 months is such a fun age and Jack was all smiles for our session. I feel like we just did his newborn photos and he is already 9 months. It took a couple takes but this guy warmed right up and was giving us good smiles and giggles.  Broke out the bubbles at the end and he loved it! Enjoy 🙂

Kansas City I’m So In Love {Luke + Jackie} Engagement Session

Luke and Jackie are down to earth, laid back and easy going which made this engagement session super chill. We hung out downtown taking pictures and capturing the love that these two have for each other.  I think Luke even said that this was the most fun thing he has ever done! Ha, I kid, I kid.  Going for a completely different look we ended the session at a barn in the middle of the city. Enjoy 🙂

28 Event Space Wedding {Mark+Amanda}

Venue: 28 Event Space

Videographer: Morgan Foitle

 Hair and Makeup: Traci Morby Styling

Dress: Bridal Extraordinaire

Catering and cupcakes: Shining Stars Catering


Hair: Faith Manning and April Bowen

Makeup: Mae Monroe

Officiant: Pastor Timmy

How they met: Mark lived with 2 of his best friends in Waldo, Spencer and Steven, and my best friends habitually hung out over at their house as it was the ‘party house’.  I had been invited by my friends numerous times to go hangout over there and party but adamantly declined since I didn’t know any of the guys.. Finally I gave in on Cinco de Mayo to hang out there before we all headed out to a bigger party.  We were all hanging out, Mark wasn’t there as he hadn’t got off work yet, then Mark walked in and I immediately knew I had to meet him (TOTALLY HAD A HUGE CRUSH!!).  After we met, I continually kept going over to their house and we eventually started dating.  Now, almost 6 years later, here we are– getting ready to get married!

Dante + Kelsey Engagement Session {Kansas City Photographer}

Dante and Kelsey are just perfect for each other. I saw a sweet side, I saw a silly side and I saw their connection. Dante was so sweet to Kelsey and she is one lucky lady. Well they both are!  I can’t wait to capture your wedding, enjoy 🙂


Family session {Benson family} Blakely turns 2

Photos by associate photographer: Nancy

Seeing this little girl get so big makes my heart happy.  It’s so important to capture family time with your kiddo’s every year. See the Benson family session just a year ago to see how much Miss Blakely has changed. Your family is beautiful, enjoy 🙂

LUSH GREEN Wedding Shoot at Loose Mansion

Venue: Loose Mansion

Planning: Nellie Sparkman Events

Hair and Makeup: Traci Morby Styling

Floral: Bella Chic Floral

Cake: Blue Thistle Cakery

Attire: Bridal Extraordinaire

Ring: Glitters Fine Jewelry via Kathryn Elise Studio

Stationery: Lauren Heim (handlettering) /Nellie Sparkman Stationery Studio

Specialty Rentals: UltraPom

Engagement Session Outfit Ideas – Spring Engagement Session

Picking out outfits for your engagement session can be stressful. You want to make sure whatever you’re picking looks flattering on you and you feel comfortable. Color choices are confusing, but we are here to help. I teamed up with Shop Scoobie.  Sarah is the local owner and she is in love with fashion. It’s a genuine passion for her and she helped me pull together some super cute outfits ideas for your spring engagement session.  You can find all these looks at Trendz in Leawood or Garment District in downtown Kansas City.