Leawood Kansas Wedding Photographer {Eric+Jessica} The Lodge at Ironwoods

Wedding Shot by: Nancy Sikes

Ceremony and Reception: Lodge at Ironwoods 

Dress: Mia’s Bridal & Tailoring

Catering: Silber Spoons

Hair: Stephanie Silber

Makeup: Keila Westfall

Cake: Chef Shop Stark

How they met: 7 years ago we were coworkers at Surepoint Medical in Lawrence. Became really good friends, both worried if we dated and something went wrong we would loose our friendship. But I needed a date to our friends wedding in the Dominican Republic and I knew I would have a good with with Eric. So I took the chance and asked him to go with me and he said yes.

Kansas City Wedding Photographer – Emaline Ballroom Wedding {Joe + Kati }

Wedding Shot by: Nancy Sikes

Ceremony: Timothy Lutheran Church

Reception: Emaline Ballroom

Floral: Wild Hill Flowers and Events

Dress: Altar Bridal

Catering: Crazy Good Eats

Hair: June Buford

Makeup: Selena

Cake: Price Chopper

How they met: Joe and I went to high school together but didn’t start dating until he had already graduated from Mizzou and I was in my Senior year at Missouri State. We reconnected via Twitter (romantic, I know) because I had tweeted that “Guys were stupid” (again, romantic) and he replied with “Not all of us are”. I came back from Springfield after Spring semester finals and we went on our first date to my favorite local restaurant, Canoe Club. The rest is history ūüôā

Wedding Photographer – Downtown Kansas City {Phil+Kelly}

Shot by associate photographer: Nancy Sikes

Ceremony: St. Patrick Parish

Reception: The Berg

Wedding Planner: Hitched Planning + Floral

Floral: Hitched Planning + Floral

Dress: Something White Bridal

Hair: Sonrisa Salon ad Day Spa

Catering: Brancato’s Catering

Cake: McClain’s KC

DJ: D2 Entertainment

How they met: Phil and I met through a mutual acquaintance

Greenery: 2017 Pantone color of the year

This warmer winter weather has me in the spring mood. This winter, I enjoyed snuggling with our new baby girl and revamping a couple things in the business. Sadly I moved out of my studio in downtown Mission. Although I am very excited for the new in home studio/office. I’m itching to get out and shoot and the 2017 wedding trends have me excited for wedding season. We are seeing greenery in everything and it’s so lush and organic. Currently we are working on a styled shoot with this theme, so stay tuned. For now enjoy browsing how you can incorporate this gorgeous color into your wedding day.

photo credit: via bridesofadelaide / via marthastewartweddings / via kateaspen / via bridalmusings / via flaxandtwine / via elizabethannedesigns

Valentine’s Day Inspired Wedding Shoot – Mission Theater – Kansas City Weddings

Valentine’s Day Inspiration shoot at the newly remodeled Mission Theater in Mission Kansas. Thank you to all our vendors. ūüôā

Venue: The Mission Theater

Planning: Simple Elegance – Lauren Kadel

Models: Brennan Ridings + Mike Spero

Hair and Makeup: Traci Morby Styling

Florals: Wild Hill Flowers + Events

Rentals: Ultrapom Event Rental

Invitations: Little Yellow Leaf

Macrons: Au Bon Macaron

Bridal Accessories: The Yellow Peony

{Matt+Meg} Mark Twain Ballroom Wedding

Shot by associate photographer: Nancy Sikes

Bride and Groom: Meg {Glavinich} Smith + Matt Smith

Ceremony: St. Joseph Catholic Church

Reception: Mark Twain Ballroom

Floral: Craig Sole Designs

Dress: Bridal Extraordinaire

Hair: Kelly Hogan

DJ: Complete Weddings + events

Cake: Nothing Bundt Cakes

Catering: Garozzo’s

How they met: Matt and I met on a night out in Kansas City through mutual friends. Matt thought I was with one of the other gentleman in our group but was still trying to get my attention. After a few hours of talking and having drinks, I finally mentioned that I was single and that he should take me to get a glass of wine up the street!

Country Chic Backyard Wedding {Josh+Brennan} Butler Missouri

Shot by associate photographer: Nancy

Bride and Groom: Brennan {Berwald} Ridings + Josh Ridings

Ceremony and Reception: Private Residence – Butler, Missouri

Dress: The Gown Gallery

Hair: Hair by Tamara

Video: Howe Film & Wedding Productions

DJ: The Dance Factory Kansas City’s Pro DJ Service

Cake: 3 women and an Oven

Catering: Brancato’s Catering

backyardwedding_missouri_weddingphotographer_0001 backyardwedding_missouri_weddingphotographer_0002 backyardwedding_missouri_weddingphotographer_0003 backyardwedding_missouri_weddingphotographer_0005 backyardwedding_missouri_weddingphotographer_0006 backyardwedding_missouri_weddingphotographer_0007 backyardwedding_missouri_weddingphotographer_0008 backyardwedding_missouri_weddingphotographer_0009 backyardwedding_missouri_weddingphotographer_0010 backyardwedding_missouri_weddingphotographer_0011 backyardwedding_missouri_weddingphotographer_0013 backyardwedding_missouri_weddingphotographer_0014 backyardwedding_missouri_weddingphotographer_0015 backyardwedding_missouri_weddingphotographer_0016 backyardwedding_missouri_weddingphotographer_0017 backyardwedding_missouri_weddingphotographer_0018 backyardwedding_missouri_weddingphotographer_0019 backyardwedding_missouri_weddingphotographer_0020 backyardwedding_missouri_weddingphotographer_0021 backyardwedding_missouri_weddingphotographer_0022 backyardwedding_missouri_weddingphotographer_0023 backyardwedding_missouri_weddingphotographer_0024 backyardwedding_missouri_weddingphotographer_0025 backyardwedding_missouri_weddingphotographer_0026 backyardwedding_missouri_weddingphotographer_0027 backyardwedding_missouri_weddingphotographer_0028 backyardwedding_missouri_weddingphotographer_0029 backyardwedding_missouri_weddingphotographer_0030 backyardwedding_missouri_weddingphotographer_0031

October Feature {The Journey Home} Wedding Venue

The Journey Home is one of my favorite wedding venues.  It has rustic charm with an awesome house for your wedding party and guests to stay.  It is located in Dearborn Missouri which is about a 40 minute drive from Kansas City.  I have worked with Cindy and shot several weddings here and excited they agreed to be my October feature.


1. Tell me a little bit about The Journey Home and how and when it opened?

The Journey Home was built in the 1800’s and has been completely remodeled. It is a stunning colonial home that allows you to create the vision that you have for your wedding and reception. We purchased The Journey Home in 2012 when we were looking for a beautiful and peaceful home to hold events.

2. What type of brides would love this space and why?

The Journey Home appeals to a wide variety of brides.  We believe that it is because we allow to create the wedding of your dreams with limited restrictions.  Every wedding has a completely different feel.


3. Is there anything that you guys do differently or offer to brides than other venues may not?

The overnight accommodations for up to 24 people is unique and draws families that want a more laid back wedding experience.   Having the facility all weekend reduces the amount of stress in making sure everything is just right.

4. What trends have you seen in the wedding industry over the years in the weddings that have been at The Journey Home?

Couples and guests love photo booths!  It is a fun and creative way to remember the wedding and there are so many options to choose from.


5. Why are you in this business?

¬†We didn’t originally purchase The Journey Home for weddings. ¬†It became a popular place for so many reasons! ¬† We had a guest ask if they could get married here and the tradition began. ¬†Cindy, our General Manager, is passionate about helping couples create the wedding of their dreams! And the incredibly positive experiences that couples have here keeps us going.

Copyright © 2014 Pond Photography weddingvenuekansascity_thejourneyhome_0006 weddingvenuekansascity_thejourneyhome_0007
Be sure to check out their website at The Journey Home and their Facebook page. See two full weddings from this venue below. Thanks again Cindy!

River Market Event Place Wedding {Joe+Emily}

Shot by associate photographer: Nancy

Bride and Groom: Emily {Pottorf} Scaduto + Joseph Scaduto

Ceremony and Reception: River Market Event Place

Getting Ready location: Inn at 425

Hair and Makeup: The Glam Room KC

Flowers: River Market Event Place – Anna Arnot

Catering: Moxie Catering

Rental: Ultra Pom

DJ: Elite Sound

How they met: Joseph and Emily met through a mutual friend who introduced them at school.

RiverMarketEventSpace_WeddingPhotographer_0001 RiverMarketEventSpace_WeddingPhotographer_0002 RiverMarketEventSpace_WeddingPhotographer_0003 RiverMarketEventSpace_WeddingPhotographer_0004 RiverMarketEventSpace_WeddingPhotographer_0005 RiverMarketEventSpace_WeddingPhotographer_0006 RiverMarketEventSpace_WeddingPhotographer_0007 RiverMarketEventSpace_WeddingPhotographer_0008 RiverMarketEventSpace_WeddingPhotographer_0009 RiverMarketEventSpace_WeddingPhotographer_0010 RiverMarketEventSpace_WeddingPhotographer_0011 RiverMarketEventSpace_WeddingPhotographer_0012 RiverMarketEventSpace_WeddingPhotographer_0013 RiverMarketEventSpace_WeddingPhotographer_0014 RiverMarketEventSpace_WeddingPhotographer_0015 RiverMarketEventSpace_WeddingPhotographer_0016 RiverMarketEventSpace_WeddingPhotographer_0017 RiverMarketEventSpace_WeddingPhotographer_0018 RiverMarketEventSpace_WeddingPhotographer_0019 RiverMarketEventSpace_WeddingPhotographer_0020 RiverMarketEventSpace_WeddingPhotographer_0021 RiverMarketEventSpace_WeddingPhotographer_0022 RiverMarketEventSpace_WeddingPhotographer_0023 RiverMarketEventSpace_WeddingPhotographer_0024 RiverMarketEventSpace_WeddingPhotographer_0025 RiverMarketEventSpace_WeddingPhotographer_0026 RiverMarketEventSpace_WeddingPhotographer_0027 RiverMarketEventSpace_WeddingPhotographer_0028 RiverMarketEventSpace_WeddingPhotographer_0029

Heritage Center at Mahaffie Wedding {Scott+Paige}

Shot by associate photographer: Nancy

Bride and Groom: Paige {McGhee} Blochberger + Scott Blochberger

Ceremony and Reception: Heritage Center at Mahaffie

Dress: Mia’s Bridal

How they met: Scott had been friends with Paige’s older brother, Bryan, since they were in middle school together.¬† Paige kind of knew who Scott was, just because Bryan hung out with him so much and she thought he was so cute. When they attended KU, her oldest brother, Steve, came to Lawrence for the KU vs KSU football game my sophomore year (2006) and told her to come over to his friends’ house after the game, which happened to also be where Scott lived! Paige brought her friend and roommate and after playing video games with the boys, Katie and Paige decided to go out to the bars. Scott was saying the funniest things that really tickled her and she thought that he was really something special. Paige asked Scott for his phone number, in case they “got separated” while out and for the next two years, she would text him or call him every now and then. She knew that night that she really liked him and wanted to date him, but she knew it wasn’t the right time in her life. After she graduated college, Paige pursued Scott a little more seriously. In July 2008, Paige texted Scott and he invited her over to have a drink with is friends and parents.¬† She met his whole family that night and had a great time that evening. They officially decided that we were a “couple” on October 8, 2008. Six years later (which went by so fast), they were engaged and starting to plan their wedding!

HeritageCenterMahaffieWedding_KansasWeddingPhotographer_0001 HeritageCenterMahaffieWedding_KansasWeddingPhotographer_0002 HeritageCenterMahaffieWedding_KansasWeddingPhotographer_0003 HeritageCenterMahaffieWedding_KansasWeddingPhotographer_0004 HeritageCenterMahaffieWedding_KansasWeddingPhotographer_0005 HeritageCenterMahaffieWedding_KansasWeddingPhotographer_0006 HeritageCenterMahaffieWedding_KansasWeddingPhotographer_0007 HeritageCenterMahaffieWedding_KansasWeddingPhotographer_0008 HeritageCenterMahaffieWedding_KansasWeddingPhotographer_0009 HeritageCenterMahaffieWedding_KansasWeddingPhotographer_0010 HeritageCenterMahaffieWedding_KansasWeddingPhotographer_0011 HeritageCenterMahaffieWedding_KansasWeddingPhotographer_0012 HeritageCenterMahaffieWedding_KansasWeddingPhotographer_0013 HeritageCenterMahaffieWedding_KansasWeddingPhotographer_0014 HeritageCenterMahaffieWedding_KansasWeddingPhotographer_0015 HeritageCenterMahaffieWedding_KansasWeddingPhotographer_0016 HeritageCenterMahaffieWedding_KansasWeddingPhotographer_0017 HeritageCenterMahaffieWedding_KansasWeddingPhotographer_0018 HeritageCenterMahaffieWedding_KansasWeddingPhotographer_0019 HeritageCenterMahaffieWedding_KansasWeddingPhotographer_0020 HeritageCenterMahaffieWedding_KansasWeddingPhotographer_0021 HeritageCenterMahaffieWedding_KansasWeddingPhotographer_0022 HeritageCenterMahaffieWedding_KansasWeddingPhotographer_0023 HeritageCenterMahaffieWedding_KansasWeddingPhotographer_0024 HeritageCenterMahaffieWedding_KansasWeddingPhotographer_0025 HeritageCenterMahaffieWedding_KansasWeddingPhotographer_0026 HeritageCenterMahaffieWedding_KansasWeddingPhotographer_0027 HeritageCenterMahaffieWedding_KansasWeddingPhotographer_0028 HeritageCenterMahaffieWedding_KansasWeddingPhotographer_0029