Mini Sessions

kansas city family photographerBecause in the end all that matters is your family

Life is messy and messy is beautiful.  Kids don’t always behave, hair is not in the perfect place and outfits are not perfectly ironed. That is why this year’s mini sessions are going to be “no pressure sessions”.  We go out, we play, we laugh and I shoot. Your family is totally in their element doing your thing and I am just there to document it.

Choose from two options

Option 1: October 22nd, 20 minute sessions, 10 digital files, one location (location: pumpkin patch or Suburban Lawn and Garden in Kansas City), $200

Option 2: Mini session in October wherever you choose. (This could be at a park, down in the city, your house, making pancakes in the morning, seriously anything!) 30 minute sessions, 12 digital files, $250

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